By Saeed A Khan Hoti

The name ‘WAHEED MURAD like Elvis Presely,
Evokes memories of an era of romance and fairytale.
Bewitched by his charismatic persona,
Aristocratic bearing
And awe – inspiring portrayals,
Young boys, girls and even the elderly ---
The gentry, bourgeoisie, literati and glitterati,
Would gravitate in scores to the movie theatre
And start dreaming in wakefulness
To see in action
The prince of their hearts,
Whom they lovingly called
“Prince Charming”, “Mr Elegance”,
“The Chocolate Hero”.
And “The Lady Killer”.
Handsome, posh and stylish,
The iconic show – stopper
Always remained the arbiter of fashion
And the focus of the most observed;
A personage beyond compare
And an artist extraordinaire,
Who eclipsed many a showbiz maestro
And emulated famed celebrities
Like Elvis Presley, Charlton Heston,
James Dean, Laurence Olivier and Al-Pacino
In popularity, as also
In portraying emotions and actions,
In his elegant, trademark style.
He saw on each outing,
His sports car and apparel
Sealed red with kisses
By throngs of adoring female fans.
Warry of his irresistible charms,
Several Jaundiced tinsel town husbands
Deprived their actress-spouses
Of the exhilaration of co-starring
With him -- their most beloved idol.
Every student’s book and note-book
Carried his photograph
To the envy of his intriguing contemporaries,
Each one of whom
Tried to imitate him,
And dreamed to be him,
But it remained only a dream.
Pulsating in myriad forms
Of mind-blowing beauty,
He lives on forever
Alongside Elvis,
As the heartthrob,
The hero,
The king.

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